A definition of democracy in the united states

A definition of democracy in the united states

It would be impossible. They have popularized everything they have touched.

is the united states a democracy

How could that be? There is no permanent place in democratic leadership except for him who hath clean hands and a pure heart.

Carlyle unquestionably touched one of the greater truths concerning modern democracy when he declared it to be the result of printing.

direct democracy definition

All this, however, when looked at from another point of view, but illustrates an infinite difficulty of achieving energy and organization. The chief executive, the president, is elected for a fixed term and cannot be removed except by extraordinary measures.

If we began the first century of our national existence under a similar impression ourselves, there is the greater reason why we should start out upon a new century of national life with accurate conceptions about our place in history.

Democracy vs republic

Liberty is not something that can be created by a document; neither is it something which, when created, can be laid away in a document, a completed work. Nowhere is the word "democracy" mentioned in the Declaration of Independence or the U. It is our belief that to accurately evaluate the quality of American democracy it is important to compare it to the alternatives out there. The United States is an indirect democracy or a republic. It can never be made to sit easily or safely on first generations, but strengthens through long heredity. Our separation from our leaders is the greater peril because democratic government more than any other needs organization in order to escape disintegration; and it can have organization only by full knowledge of its leaders and full confidence in them. There is almost nothing in common between popular outbreaks such as took place in France at her great Revolution and the establishment of a government like our own. The government does whatever those currently in power choose to do. The point is also not to make you an expert about other countries, but to provide just enough foreign examples for you to make more informed judgments about American politics. Are we conscious of any national leadership?
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