5th grade writing activities for the holidays

I give each child a strip of oak tag at least five inches high and long enough to encircle his or her head. My holiday contribution was New Year's Eve, and I served punch and had fun party decorations. Johnson, Providence, RI Thanksgiving Cookie Decorating You can decorate Thanksgiving cookies as a way to talk about the difference between individual assembly and factory-line assembly.

What sort of people or creatures live there?

holiday worksheets pdf

Their new tradition can be holiday-related or simply a way to celebrate winter in general—the only rule is that it has to be something practical that they can actually try out over the break! New York City hosted the first celebration of Labor Day in Ask your students to brainstorm their ideas in groups, instead of individually, and decide together what to name their winter wonderland.

We brainstorm materials needed and make a flow chart to show the steps we need to take.

holiday worksheets for grade 5 english

When we're done, everyone has a gift that someone in the room made just for them. After singing different Christmas songs together, students answer literacy questions about the songs.

5th grade writing activities for the holidays

The students get excited about giving the gifts and the adults like to know they are appreciated! Write a journal entry about your day. This assignment has to be planned well in advance of Thanksgiving. What gift to you choose? It is always fun. Ask them to research it to come up with one little-known fact or tradition to write about. Then, have students compare and contrast their celebrations with a Venn Diagram or a chart.

Explain to students that their description needs to be extremely detailed. One of the best parts — they can eat any candies not used on their houses.

I've seen split-level houses, two-story houses, "Indian forts," etc. When we've made our floats, then we do the natural thing and hold a parade!

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5 Winter Holiday Writing Prompts for Kids